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Most window problems are repairable, but some units are simply not worth saving. A combination of one, two, or more red flags should convince you to replace your faulty units.

New Windows

For the first part of our special blog, Tittle Brothers Construction wants to share the warning signs that signal you need new windows:

You Feel Unwanted Drafts

Drafty windows render your home less energy-efficient. They offer little defense against air infiltration and leak out indoor heat. In turn, your furnace or air conditioner would have to work harder to make your rooms more comfortable, using more energy in the process. A window repair professional could patch up the gaps around your units, but re-applying sealants is more of a quick fix than a permanent solution.

You See the Glass Sweating on the Inside

Condensation is usually harmless and may even indicate good energy efficiency. But the case is different when your double-pane windows fog up on the inside. Cloudy glass suggests seal failure, allowing moisture to enter the space between the panes. This phenomenon tells you that your insulated units are no longer as effective in blocking heat transfer as they used to be.

You Have Trouble Opening and Closing Them

Operating your windows, especially double-hung units, should be practically effortless. Otherwise, they might have balance problems and experience operating failures. Apart from making life harder for you, neglecting issues with balance might lead to injuries. Raised sashes incapable of staying up could suddenly close, potentially hurting anyone near them.

All of these problems should merit a window replacement. Besides, upgrading your old units could help increase your home’s energy performance, eliminate taxing maintenance, and promote better daylighting.

Stay tuned for the second part of our special blog about replacement windows. To talk about your project, call Tittle Brothers Construction (248) 587-7633 today. We’ll be happy to schedule your free, in-home estimate in Detroit, MI, at your most convenient day and time.