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A window replacement is beneficial in many ways. It makes your home better in the beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency departments. Tittle Brothers Construction explains how:

All-Around Home Improvement

It Makes Your Home Remain True to Itself

Buying replacement windows alone could restore your home’s historic look. In most home styles, these glass units are symbolic elements that resonate architectural characters. Double-hungs are as quintessential to traditional homes as floor-to-ceiling, fixed windows are to modern ones.

Designing your units right, especially on the front façade, would contribute to curb appeal. Although your street-facing wall’s window style shouldn’t necessarily complement the other sides of your home, a uniform grille pattern would tie everything together.

It Prevents Excessive Heat and Unwanted Drafts

ENERGY STAR®-certified windows are worth the investment. They have the right blend of energy performance ratings from the NFRC, increasing your level of comfort all year round.

Custom units equipped with advanced multi-layer of Low-E coating, argon gas, and low-conductivity spacer reflect undesired solar radiation and insulate indoor heat effectively. Products made of a rigid and stable material retain their weathertight seal for a long period, preventing you from experiencing unwelcome cold breezes.

It Helps Minimize Your Energy Usage

Apart from preventing wasted energy by staying airtight for the years to come, energy-efficient windows promote plenty of daylighting too. They block the sun’s ultraviolet and heat-causing rays while letting in most of the visible light.

In turn, you can naturally illuminate your home and reduce the number of your dark spots in your rooms. By creating a naturally airy environment, you could keep your lightbulbs off during daylight hours. With lower heating, cooling, and lighting costs, expect noticeable energy reductions in your bills.

Harness the all-around benefit of window replacement. As one of the few companies with certifications from award-winning brands, Tittle Brothers Construction gives you access to broad range of industry-leading products. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 to schedule your free, in-home consultation in Birmingham at your convenience.