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We love all kinds of windows for their ability to transform a room or a home’s exteriors. But if there are window types we just can’t get enough of, bow and bay Birmingham windows are the clear winners. Here’s why.
Bows and bays are installed into walls that jut out from the home’s exterior. A bay window comprises three or four units connected to one another at 30- or 45-degree angles. They’re called bow windows when the connecting angles are smaller (10 degrees or thereabouts), making them appear more circular.
There are many advantages to installing these windows. Here are some of them:
Enhanced Curb Appeal. If you want to make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, bows and bays are the way to go. They are two of the most architecturally interesting windows available. Because they protrude from the rest of the house, they’re effortlessly eye-catching. The sweeping arc they form on a wall also adds dimension and drama, which can attract potential buyers if you’re planning to sell your home.
Improved Overall Home Experience. These windows can also improve the way you experience your home. Nothing beats coming home to a well-lit, well-ventilated room after a long day at work or school.
That said, three-angled windows capture light and views so much better than flat ones can. You’d feel as if you were really outdoors with all the sunshine and scenery you’re getting from every direction.
Casement or double-hung units can be used as bay and bow windows. This configuration works really well for letting in a pleasant breeze. The moveable sashes of these units are also easy to operate, allowing you to better control ventilation inside the room.
Maximized Space. Bay and bow windows are a terrific way to expand your interiors without adding a lot of square footage to your home. The protruding section gives you enough floor space to create a comfortable reading or sitting nook. If the space is wide enough, you can even add a piano or a desk. Creative homeowners have also found a way to use bays for the kitchen or dining area. If the added floor area is big enough, you can position a dining table and chairs near the windows. It could be a great way to have your meals while enjoying the sunlight and outdoor views.
Styling Tips
There are plenty of ways to design bow and bay windows, the most common of which is a set of identical windows. Homeowners who want a clean, uniform look go with three casements or three double-hung units arranged in a single row. However, other combinations are possible.
There’s the Chicago style, where a stationary pane is flanked by double-hung or casement units on either side. Awning units are also sometimes installed underneath fixed panes, so you get optimal views and ventilation at the same time.
There’s also the “garden window” variation. This involves smaller bay windows typically installed over a kitchen sink area. It’s a nice place to grow flowers or herbs.
Here at Tittle Brothers Construction, we can talk about bow and bay windows all day!
We especially adore the replacement units produced by Renewal by Andersen®, Pella, Simonton, and Polaris. Their bow and bay windows aren’t just finely crafted. They also feature energy-efficient glass packages, insulated framing, and special weather stripping. These products don’t just improve the way your home looks outside—they can significantly increase your energy savings as well!
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