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Your windows are constantly trying to talk to you. If you notice something unusual with them, there must something wrong. As the trusted provider of windows in Detroit, Tittle Brothers Construction knows the common window problems and the messages they hold. Be sure to check for any of these red flags:

Window Talk

Fogging Between the Glass Panes

Most condensations are less of a window problem, as they may be indicating high moisture level indoors or outdoors. Unfortunately, the case is different when they’re in between the double glazing.

When your windows sweat on the inside, it indicates seal failure and water vapor infiltration. In short, they’ve become less effective as a cold air barrier. Changing the cloudy glass pane is basic repair work, but severe cases may call for a complete replacement from Tittle Brothers Construction. We provide an array of window options from top manufacturers.

Condensation in the Interior Glass’s Center

This could mean that your window is catching cold due to a gas leak—an uncommon issue among argon-filled, double-pane windows. As this inert gas serves as an insulator, this issue drops your guard down against the wintry air. Let our professional check it to know whether it can be saved with a window repair in Detroit, MI, or a complete replacement is essential.

Double-Hung Jerkiness

If your windows are made of wood, they could swell when the air is damp. They would only operate smoothly again once the humidity level changes. Unfortunately, opening and shutting them could become a struggle when their mechanisms fail. We recommend replacing those parts to make them work normally again.

Water Leaks around the Windows

Water infiltration indicates that your windows don’t have a tight seal. If they’re completely closed and the rainwater continues to drip down, your home is most likely leaky somewhere else. The culprit could be your roof or your siding panel. Tittle Brothers Construction is not only a top window provider, as we also offer roof inspections, repairs, and replacements.

Drafty, Closed Windows

Usually, it’s just a matter of installing new weather strips; but your frames and sashes could have also developed gaps to allow the outdoor air to penetrate in. Applying sealants is a temporary solution, but changing them with our Detroit replacement windows can resolve your draft issues over the long-term.

Learn what your windows are telling you. Call (877) 228-5658 now and schedule your free in-home consultation with Tittle Brothers Construction. Let our team check for window problems and provide the apt solutions.