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There are a lot of available windows to choose from in the market in consideration of the material, size, shape, and use. In a glance, your windows can serve as the focal point of your house. More than how it looks, it serves as the passage of air that soothes the home dwellers in Ann Arbor.
Would you like to consider replacing or upgrading your windows in Ann Arbor? Here are some stylish windows that will add character to your home listed on windowanddoor.com:

Single, Double, and Triple-Hung – Top and bottom sash slide up and down within the window frame for double-hung. For single-hung, only the lower sash moves up and down while triple-hung has three sliding sashes and is used in some large openings.
Cottage windows – Feature a bottom sash that is greater in height than the upper sash.
Casement – The sash of casement windows are hinged on the side of the window frame and swing out left or right.
Horizontal Slider – Sash slide horizontally within the frame. Also called sliding windows or gliders, these units may feature one fixed (non-moving) sash and usually one or two sliding sash.
Awning – Similar to casements, but the sash is hinged to the top of the window frame. Opening out in this manner allows awnings to be left open in light rain.
Basement Windows – The sash of hopper windows are hinged at the bottom, opening for ventilation at the top. Other basement or utility windows hinge at the top.
Bay – Windows that protrude from the exterior wall and consist of a center fixed or picture window and two operable flanking units on either side, angled back toward the main wall.
Garden – These windows, generally designed to provide a location to grow plants, protrude from a wall and generally feature a fixed window in the middle with two operable flanking units, typically at a 90° angle to the wall. The top of the window features sloped or curved glass to maximize exposure of sunlight on plants.
Tilt-Turn – A common style in Europe, this type of window opens two-ways. They tilt in at the top to provide ventilation or turn with the panel swinging into the room to allow for greater ventilation, cleaning or emergency escape.
Jalousie – Window made up of horizontally-mounted glass louvers or slats that abut each other tightly when closed and rotate outward when cranked open.

So who’s the fairest among all these windows? It’s the style that best suits and complements the exteriors and interiors of your home. Prioritize the quality and the materials that they are made of. Remember, quality comes with a cost, just ensure that you’ll get what you pay for. Consider its energy-saving and maintenance quality that is determined by the type of material and the window cut.

Make sure that your windows have warranty too and carefully examine the warranties offered by your window manufacturers, especially those that concern the material itself.

Choose a contractor who do not only have a good reputation in installation but who also provides window repair in Ann Arbor. Feel free to consult with Tittle Brothers on your window needs as our company aims to provide you with the best available options considering your preference and budget. We can assure that you avail of the most suitable windows for your home structure.

(Article Excerpt from Window Styles, Windowanddoor.com)