New or Restored Porches

The classic natural beauty of a stone or masonry porch can add a nice touch to any home. Together, we can create a usable outdoor living space.

Using stone or masonry, Tittle Brothers Construction can design and build or repair porches and patios. Designs to meet the needs of your space and compliment your home’s décor.

Masonry & Stone Porch Repairs

Weather and time can damage a stone or masonry porch, causes cracks, chips and gaps. Michigan’s cold weather and wet winters can raise havoc with stonework and brickwork. The freeze/thaw cycle can displace and expand entire sections of your porch.

Tittle Brothers Construction provides expert repair and restoration services to Southgate porches. Our experienced masons can quickly and efficiently isolate, repair and restore any damaged porch section to its original condition. We work in a wide variety of materials, including brick, concrete, wood, stone and block.

Call for Your Free Porch Estimate

Call Tittle Brothers Construction toll-free (734) 225-2525 today for a free in-home estimate on your porch repair or for a new porch.

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