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Tittle Brothers Construction has been roofing Ann Arbor MI homes for nearly a decade. In the process we have become the roofing contractor most trusted to deliver quality work with exceptional customer service. No other company roofing homes can match our combination of quality products, professional installation and exceptional customer service.

Our commitment to using only the highest quality roofing materials and products has led us to become a Owens Corning Platinum Preferred certified Ann Arbor roofing company. This allows us to offer our customers the complete line of roofing systems from Owens Corning, which is North America’s leading roofing manufacturer. In addition, only an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred roofer like Tittle Brothers Construction can offer the industry-leading warranty, which provides additional years of protection for your new roof.

When you choose Tittle Brothers Construction as your roofing contractor you ensure that your home’s roof will be the most reliable, most durable and most dependable through all types of weather. Here are some of the additional advantages you gain:

  • Experienced roofing professionals who are factory-certified and receive annual training on roof installation methods and materials
  • Industry best Owens Corning roofing warranty
  • Owens Corning roofing system, the strongest on the residential market
  • Personalized attention and customer service
  • Our own guarantee of workmanship quality

Don’t trust your home’s roof to anything less than the most reliable roofing experts – Tittle Brothers Construction. Contact us today for roof repairs or roof replacement services that are guaranteed to deliver a roof that is strong and longer lasting than any other.

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Repair or Replace? How to Determine the Best Michigan Roof Repair Choice for Your Home

A typical asphalt composite roof is made up of hundreds of small incredibly sturdy layered shingles. The shingles seal together to form a protective shield from both the blazing sun and stormy Michigan weather. Because of the way modern roofs are built, the roof will hold if a few shingles take damage in the occasional storm but because roofs always take a little damage, they don’t last forever. Eventually, so many shingles will knock or blow loose, get scraped or cracked, and fall off that the roof’s integrity can be compromised which is when sagging and leaks occur. The shingles themselves also have a lifespan and tend to get soft and less resistant to the weather after a decade or two. This means that while houses stand a very long time, they will need their roofs repaired regularly and fully or partially replaced more than once in a house’s lifespan.

The only problem is that shingles can last up to 20 years before they go soft without weather and tree branch interference and houses often change hands much more frequently than that. Michigan roof installation is one of those necessary home maintenance tasks like replacing the old pipes and re-grouting the bathrooms. However, unlike the pipes and the tiles in the bathroom, you don’t see your roof every day and “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”, it’s all too easy to completely forget about the roof while taking care of other maintenance tasks regularly. Many homeowners don’t become aware of their roofs until a large storm calls attention to potential damage, often with a fallen tree branch.

Does Your Roof in Need Work?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re either actively interested in home maintenance or have reason to suspect something is wrong with your roof. Many Michigan homeowners don’t become aware of their roofs until a big storm hits or snow starts piling up with unusual persistence. Some don’t notice until there is already light shining through the cracks or leaks trickling down the walls. Whatever situation you’re in, you’re probably wondering how bad the roof damage is and if it’ll be a repair or a full re-installation.

The fact of the matter is that even overt signs of damage could be either repair or replacement depending on if it’s a lot of localized damage or a more wide-spread problem. On the other side of this, if you’re noticing a large spread of missing shingles, it’s possible that the damage is only on the surface and can be fixed with careful re-shingling. This means that the universal first step for concern about your roof is an inspection.

Getting Your Roof Inspected

Any time the status of your roof is in question, it’s best to call roof inspection service to come take a look. Your roofing inspector will inspect first the outside of the roof by climbing up, then the inside of your roof by going into the attic in order to assess the full extent of any damage. The inspector will be looking for shingle age and damage, signs of material degradation, rot in the beams, leaks, mold, lingering moisture, and signs of sunlight leakage.

When your roof inspection is complete, the inspector should be able to give you a full assessment of your roof including repairs you’ll want soon, maintenance you should do in the near future, and any longer-term concerns they may have noticed like beam weakening or the age of your shingles. If you ask, they will probably also give you an estimate of when your next non-damage-based roof reinstallation should be. If you get your roof inspected annually and after every major storm, you should never be taken by surprise or have to deal with roof damage from long-term neglect.

Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Roof repair in Ann Arbor is most common after wind and rain storms where the shingles take a beating on the surface but the structure of the roof and beams underneath are completely untouched. As long as you don’t need to replace or repair any large portion of the roof, normal repairs should suffice. It is also possible that the result of long-term damp in a roof valley or the fall of a particularly heavy tree branch may cause a great deal of damage but only in a specific area. In this case, you may have to do extensive repairs but will not need to fully replace your roof.

Roof replacement, on the other hand, is more likely if there is medium or greater damage to a wide area of your roof, or after 10-20 years with the same shingles. You may need roof installation rather than repairs if a storm damages a significant number of your shingles, or if your roof has deteriorated from lack of care in previous years. Essentially, if the under-layment of the roof or the support beams are compromised, you may be looking at a re-installment.

It’s All a Matter of Time

In many cases, the difference between repair and replacement is time. If you detect and repair any damage immediately, you can prevent greater damage to the infrastructure. Take a windstorm, for example. If the wind blows away several of your shingles and you repair it right away, no harm done. However, if you leave the weakened spot in your roof and a leak causes the beams underneath to rot, that may require roofing installation rather than a simple repair.

On the flip-side of this, singles age, and the kind of shingles you have will determine how long before you need to replace them. While most people think of replacing shingles as a one-at-a-time thing, remember that most of your shingles went up together and that means they’ll be aging out together. Sometimes it’s just been long enough that you need a whole new roof and a patch just isn’t going to do it.

Your best approach to Michigan roof maintenance is to take care of the issue regularly and promptly. If there’s been a storm, get an inspection. If it snows, make sure the snow doesn’t sit and create damp spots. If leaves fall, keep your roof free of piles. And make sure to get your roof inspected at least once a year. With regular inspections, you can catch small damage early and effectively put off your roof installation until your shingles are up for replacement. When that time comes around, maybe you’ll even choose a fun new color for your roof. For more information about taking care of your Michigan roof or for an inspection to asses your current roof situation, contact us today!

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