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Nature can take a nasty toll on the roof of your home. Day after day, it fights off the elements from ice & snow to high wind gusts. What type of damage can wind do to your roof, and what can you do about it?

You need to select a roofer who you can trust to install a quality roof when you need it. Whether you need roof repair or replacement, Tittle Brothers Construction is your best bet for a full-service roofing company in the Southeast Michigan area.

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How wind can damage your roof?

Perhaps surprisingly, high wind gusts can wreak havoc on your home and it doesn’t take huricane strengths to damage your roof.

Things to know about storm damage

Severe thunderstorms can generate winds stronger than 100 mph which is about twice the 50-60 mph threshold for damage causing winds. And thunderstorms account for half of all severe damage in the Michigan.

Quite likely the corners and eaves of your roof are at greatest risk. Poor materials and installation will also affect how easy it may be for your roof to get damaged. Thin or low qulaity shingles and bad installation work will make your roof more likely to loose shingles during a storm.

Wind and heavy hail relentlessly pound your roof or can knock over large debris or trees on top of your house.

Wear and tear with older roofs are at even greater risk. Often times the sealant in-between shingles will fail, bad shingles will crack and even curl. Worn shingles may have rot within the under structure which can easily have extensive damage during a storm.

Inspecting your roof for damage

When the storm has passed and it is safe, look around for shingles that may have fallen. Look up at your roof to see if any spots have missing shingles or other signs of damage. High winds are able to damage roofing shingles without tearing them off entirely. Shingles can become unsealed and may start lifting or flapping in the wind. You may have to look hard but on inspection you may see creases and cracks on damaged shingles.

A complete inspection should be made to discover other samages such as warping, curling or buckling. Gaps may appear as well where there is separation from fascia or soffit. An inspection of roofing flashings and boot coverings on pipes as well. It’s vital that these areas remain water tight to protect your home.

What to do if your roof may be damaged

Contact Tittle Brothers Construction as soon as possible. We can evaluate and document any damage. Typically your Home Owners Insurance will cover any storm damage to your roof. We can help advise you of the process when speaking to your insurance claim inspector. Examine your insurance policy and be willing to be firm if your insurer is unfair regarding payouts to properly repair the damage to your roof.

Choosing Tittle Brothers Construction

It can be very concerning when dealing with damage to your home. We will help you in navigating the entire process. Our highly trained and professional team is ready to assist you.