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After a storm hits Birmingham or any part of the United States, authorities advise homeowners to check the condition of their homes and see if anything is damaged. This is imperative as it may lead to other problems, which may force you to renovate the property completely or look for a new home. 
Here are some things you should look into after a storm – or any disaster:
Look for any of these problems:
1) Dents on gutters
2) Punctures or holes on the roof
3) Leaks
4) Split seams
5) Debris in your gutters
When it comes to shingles, think about hiring a professional to assess them. This way, you can maintain the structural integrity of your home. Severely damaged shingles will be unable to protect your property properly, causing more damages to your home.
Strong wind or flying objects brought by it may damage windows easily. After a storm, check for cracks on the glass. To limit damages on your Birmingham window, think about adding a window film, which can prevent your window from shattering. Some types of film may protect you and your home from harmful UV rays. You may also choose to put plywood to reinforce your windows. Another option is to install storm shutters to protect you against extreme wind and flying objects.
Your siding is one of the first things you should check after a storm hits. Look for any these problems:
1) Cracks or splits
2) Breaks and holes
3) Dents
If your siding is damaged, it may not be efficient in protecting your property against the elements. When there are black marks on your siding, then it has paint damage. Consult our specialists to learn about repair and replacement options.
Tittle Brothers Construction is a family-owned business that has been in the industry for a decade. We offer a range of home renovation and remodeling services. Many property owners come to use for help with repairing and protecting their homes against storms and other natural disasters. Call us today to learn about roofing, siding, and replacement windows in Birmingham.

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