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Your home’s roofing is built to last, but eventually, it’s going to need replacing. Telling when this is necessary isn’t actually that easy to do, but you can determine this through simple ways.

Tittle Brothers Construction explains how.

Determining By Roof Age

Did you know that your roof has an average lifespan of around of 20 to 25 years? This, of course, doesn’t take into account the kind of elemental damage it has already sustained. You can better determine if your roof needs replacing by the age; if the roof is close to 20 years old or has already exceeded that, any repair work will become inconsequential. Replacing is the way to go.

Missing and Crumbling Shingles

Our team of roofing contractors recommends replacing your roof when you’re seeing more than a few shingles missing or are already crumbling. If your roof is still relatively intact, check your gutters for granules. If you notice a lot of granules in the gutters, then the protective layer covering the shingles has already been stripped and it’s going to start crumbling. Consider re-roofing your home if the shingles are too brittle or some are already missing.

Daylight Entering from the Ceiling

Finally, check your ceiling or attic space. When you notice daylight streaming in, this is a sign of leaks and holes on the roof. Normally, you can solve this by repairing the roof, but if the roof itself is already too old, then you should just replace it. Leaks are the last things you want to forget to address.

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