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#1 Roofing Company In Detroit

When it comes to choosing the #1 roofing company in Detroit, Michigan, it is crucial to make the right decision. Your roof is a long-term investment that plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and comfort of your family and home.

That is why it is essential to find a trustworthy roofer in Michigan who can provide you with a high-quality roof installation. Whether you are in need of roof repair or replacement, Tittle Brothers Construction is the top choice for a comprehensive roofing company serving the Southeast Michigan region.

#1 roofing company in detroit

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Southeast Michigan Roofing

When To Replace Your Roof

During our thorough roof inspection, we identify problematic areas and provide precise recommendations for your next steps. Sorting through conflicting advice and unreliable evaluations regarding your roof’s requirements can be challenging for homeowners, even those with extensive experience in homeownership. Our roof’s requirements can be challenging.

We Can Evaluate Your Roof

When it comes to roofing systems, they are usually built to last anywhere from 10 to 30 years. However, there may be times when unexpected issues arise, requiring the expertise of professional roof repair or replacement services. If your roof is posing a potential danger to you and your family, we are here to offer genuine recommendations for reliable repair or replacement options that you can trust.placement. In the event that your roof’s condition poses a potential hazard for you and your loved ones, we will provide sincere suggestions for repair or replacement that you can rely upon with confidence.

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Roof Damage in Southeast Michigan

Some of these signs of roof damage will be obvious from within your home, while you may not see others unless you’re up on your roof. 

Damaged Shingles

What to look for: Shingle edges are curled or shingle tabs are cupped. Bald spots where granules are missing. Cracked shingles. Shingles are missing or torn away.

Granules | Shingle Debris Inside Gutters

What to look for: Granules from asphalt or fiberglass shingles collecting in gutters. You may also find pieces of shingle material or roofing underlayment.

Leaks Ruining Drywall Plaster

What to look for: Water damage such as leaks in your attic or the rest of your home. You may also find exterior or interior paint damage.

Worn Discolored Or Moldy Shingles

What to look for: Many factors can accelerate the aging of shingles. Algae and mold may harm the roof shingles, and it may not look good. Sometimes the roof just looks old and worn.

Discover the Best Roofing Services in Southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit: What to Expect from Tittle Brothers

Are you searching for the best roofing contractor in Southeast Michigan or Metro Detroit? Look no further! At Tittle Brothers, we have been dedicated to keeping families safe and secure in their homes for over 20 years. We understand that choosing the right home improvement contractor is crucial in ensuring a long-lasting and hassle-free solution for your roof. 

When it comes to quality, we have got you covered. Tittle Brothers is proud to be certified by Owens Corning, a renowned manufacturer in the industry. We offer a wide range of replacement options, from their most economical asphalt shingles to their top-of-the-line BERKSHIRE shingles. With us, you can trust that you will receive the best materials available.

Lifetime Warranty

With Tittle Brothers, you can expect the best warranty in the industry. Our 50 Year Platinum Protection Warranty ensures your roof is covered for 15 to 50 years, with workmanship coverage that spans from 20 years to a full lifetime. We take pride in offering our customers the highest level of protection for their investment.

Roofing warranty for your new Owens Corning Roof

Top Notch Customer Service

We believe in upfront communication that you can trust. Throughout the project, we will keep you informed every step of the way. Our goal is to minimize noise and disruption, so most roofing jobs take only a day or two. As a licensed, bonded, and insured roofing company, we prioritize your safety and peace of mind, carrying worker’s compensation and liability coverage up to $2 million.

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Getting started with Tittle Brothers is easy. We begin with a free assessment of your roof to review its condition. Our team will provide you with a detailed written report and estimate for any repairs or replacements that are necessary. Once you make your decision, we are ready to get started immediately. No more waiting for weeks or chasing call backs – we are here to serve you promptly and efficiently.

So why wait? Don’t delay any longer if your roof needs repairs. Contact Tittle Brothers Construction today for your free estimate. You can also fill out an online request for a free in-home estimate on your home improvement project. We are excited to work with you and provide you with the best  services in Southeast Michigan and Metro Detroit.