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Good quality roofing in Ann Arbor, MI, will protect your home from the harshest weather conditions for years to come. The key to achieve this lasting performance however, is through proper roof installation.

Roofing Mistakes

Tittle Brothers Construction discusses the four common roofing mistakes you should be aware.

1. Poor Installation

Faulty roof installation can lead to subpar roofing performance. Mismatched roofing shingles, shingles installed on low-pitched roofs, or installing new shingles over old ones, are examples of improper installation.

As a GAF® Master Elite™ contractor, we commit to on-going annual training. This lets us learn the latest Ann Arbor roofing technology and installation processes to ensure a proper and efficient roof installation. You can be at ease knowing that working with us assures you of a seamless roofing installation.

2. No Drip Edge/Leak Barrier Installed

Installing these components help keep animals out of your attic. They also prevent rainwater from entering under the edge of your roof. Lastly, they let water drip away from your fascia board.

Part of being a GAF-certified roofer is being able to provide you with a complete roofing system. This includes installing leak barriers that will reinforce your roof’s protection.

3. Poor Attic Ventilation

Lack of ventilation in your attic can cause heat to build up in the area, shortening your shingle’s service life. Trapped heat can also cause discomfort to your household, leading to an increase in your HVAC use, driving up your energy costs.

Aside from leak barriers, we also offer GAF’s Cobra® Attic Ventilation, which can help remove excess heat and prevent premature aging of your roof. With this, you can be sure to enjoy a cozier home and more energy savings.

4. Hiring the Wrong Contractor

A successful roof installation highly depends on the roofer you work with. At Tittle Brothers Construction, you have the assurance that you are working with the right people. We carry license and insurance that lets us provide quality Roofing in Ann Arbor.

We also have years of experience that will help us ensure proper and efficient roof installation. Our certifications from top roofing manufacturers also let us provide superior roofing options and reliable warranties.

Tittle Brothers Construction is aware of these common roofing mistakes and you have the assurance that working with us will lead to excellent results. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 for a free, in-home estimate.