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As you’ve been preparing your home for the cold winter weather which is starting to seep into our daily forecasts, attention has been paid to your Ann Arbor roofing needs, chimney condition, and insulation. Now, it is time to consider the condition of your home’s walkway prior to cold snowy weather creating hazardous conditions for yourself and visitors to your home. Therefore, set aside a few minutes today to closely look at and evaluate your current walkway. Are there current areas that need to be patched or fixed before they create a winter walking hazard? Do you need to look at upgrading your walkway in general?
The walkway leading to your home has importance year around. In the spring, summer, and fall, it can help decrease wear and tear to your landscaping as well as add to the visual appeal of your home. In the winter, however, it is necessary to provide a safe route to the entrances of your home. As you may have noted on our website, we suggest homeowners consider installing a masonry walkway because it is a “great safety feature for our Michigan winters, as pavers dry quicker and are more ice-resistant than asphalt or other walkway materials.”
Even if you don’t have time before the snow and ice start to fly to upgrade your walkway, add it to your spring to-do list. This approach will ensure you have the time to research the various walkway materials available and consider the style and functionality you’d like your walkway to add to your home.