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Climate change is a pressing issue that certainly needs to be addressed, not just in the US, but also with the rest of the world. In the US alone, we’ve experienced very unpredictable weather such as stronger hurricanes, hotter summers, and longer and colder winters like the last one. In Michigan, some cities experienced temperatures as low as – 29 °F. The long stretch of cold weather ground numerous activities to a halt.

Meteorologists attribute the extreme cold wave to climate change. And things will continue getting worse from here on. An article in wxyz.com had this report:

Our heat waves are more frequent and last longer, while intense, flooding rains are happening more often. Our growing seasons are getting longer and our air quality is getting worse.

“Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present,” according to the large scientific panel charged by the United States government with writing the report. Congress mandated in 1990 that such a report be prepared every four years to monitor how climate could be changing in our country.

If last winter was any indication, this summer could be exceptionally long and hot. If that happens, are you sure that your home can maintain a reasonable comfort level for your family? Expect to see some damage to many places around your house, particularly with your windows, like small cracks or creases. Checking and repairing immediately can help lessen your home’s energy consumption.

Tittle Brothers can help you in your home’s window repair in Ann Arbor just in time for summer. We can assure you that any damage can be repaired quickly and effectively by our experienced workers. Also, we offer repairs for other parts of your home like your roof or siding.

Make sure your home is ready for any kind weather. Climate change might be here to stay, whether it is winter or summer, so if your windows in Ann Arbor need repairs, you can sleep easy and comfortably knowing that Tittle Brothers’ workmanship won’t degrade easily.

(Article Excerpt from Meteorologist Chris Edwards: Climate Change has already come to Michigan. http://www.wxyz.com/. 5/6/2014)