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As a homeowner, you have the overriding responsibility to make sound decisions for maximum benefit to your home. You cannot afford to hire substandard professional help. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “pros” who operate more like amateurs. They may give you slow or unprofessional customer service. They might employ poor workmanship or use subpar construction materials. They could surprise you with unexpected upcharges that upset your budget. Navigating these problematic challenges is not what you ideally want as a conscientious homeowner.

When it comes to necessary roofing projects, how do you choose a roofer? What attributes cause one to stand out from the crowd? What factors must be considered to ensure you avoid the “bush leaguers”? You don’t want to waste precious time or valuable resources on a roofing contractor who won’t get the job done, because they lack knowledge or experience or cannot deliver on their promises. Ultimately, you should expect nothing less than exceptional craftsmanship, quality roofing materials, timely performance, and reasonable value.



How To Choose A Roofer: 10 Crucial Considerations

Finding the right roofing contractor requires a homeowner to take a measured approach. However, by following an orderly process, the homeowner can reach an informed decision regarding which roofing company best meets their needs.

pneumatic nailer being used by a roofer on asphalt shingles on a roof
Verify that the roofing contractor fulfills all required state and local licensing requirements.

As a homeowner (and thereby consumer), you have the right to request proof of licensing. A trustworthy roofing contractor will readily provide you with their licensing information, including the name under which they are registered. The State of Michigan also has a licensing database for consumers to access through the “Licensing and Regulatory Affairs” office.

Determine the roofing contractor’s relevant training, certification, and professional memberships.

Most reputable roofing contractors will secure training and certification or obtain professional memberships through various roofing industry associations, including the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), the Tile Roofing Industry Alliance (TRI), and roofing product manufacturers (such as Owens Corning, CertainTeed, TAMKO, Malarkey, and GAF).

Shop local. Stick with an established roofing contractor based in your neighborhood or community.

Unfortunately, the roofing industry is full of contractors that come and go. They may be based across the country. They might not have a permanent or physical office location. They could have opened for business last week. Avoid these contractors, even if they make incredible promises or offer unbeatable prices. You are better off hiring a local, reliable roofer.

Give strong preference to the roofing contractor who uses employees, not subcontractors.

When a roofing company subcontracts the installation, they have less control over the results (i.e., the quality of work). In other words, the subcontractor is not under the same performance obligations as an employee working under the roofing company. Additionally, you might have issues if there is a conflict between the roofing company and the subcontractor.

Assess the roofing contractor’s online reviews to determine their business reputation.

In today’s world, online reputation means everything to a business. Online reviews allow consumers to submit honest assessments of a business’s performance. Consumers may highly rate the service provider. Or they may choose to submit a complaint. These reviews (through sites like Google and Facebook) should impact your willingness to work with a particular roofer.

Request several references of previous roofing customers from the roofing contractor.

One of the best ways to evaluate a prospective roofing company is to ask for a few references from previous customers. Request to view a portfolio of roofing work they completed. To visualize their workmanship, visit a few homes where the roofing contractor performed a roof replacement. Contact the homeowners to understand their customer service experience better.

Pay close attention to the roofing contractor’s communication skills and responsiveness.

When you initially contact the roofing contractor, notice how they communicate with you. Are they prompt to reply? Or do they take several days to respond? Do they talk to you in a courteous manner? Or do they look down on you? Do they provide thoughtful responses to your questions? Or do they give you one or two-word responses? Listen for cues about what to expect.

Don’t overlook how the roofing contractor performs the task of the initial roof inspection.

Most established roof companies offer a free initial inspection of a homeowner’s roof. However, many roofers handle this task differently. Some will climb up on the roof and study the roof’s condition. Others will stand at ground level and eyeball the roof from a “safe” distance. Pay particular attention to how this inspection unfolds to understand their thoroughness.

Be suspicious of the roofing contractor that states payment in full must come before starting.

Incredibly, many roofers will demand a full payment upfront before starting any work. Avoid the roofer who requires this. While a reasonable down payment might be acceptable in most cases, no homeowner should feel obligated to pay the entirety of a roof replacement or major repair that has yet to be started. Ideally, have the payment terms described in a mutually signed written contract.

Request a free estimate from the roofing contractor with line items breaking out the cost.

Any trustworthy roofer will offer a free written estimate of the cost of services. While the bid may not be exact to the final dollar amount for the roofing project, it should be reasonably close to the actual figure the homeowner must pay if they choose to move forward with a particular roofer. Also, the roofer should include a description of the services to be performed.

Selecting The Right Roofer In Southeast Detroit

As a homeowner, if you care deeply about quality workmanship, reliable roofing products, and courteous customer service. We are Southeast Detroit’s leading roofing company. Why? We have a passion for the residents who call this region their home. We also want to ensure you receive results that provide long-term peace of mind.

To accomplish this mission, at Tittle Brothers Construction, we heavily emphasize the total customer experience. From the first call to completing your roofing project, we prioritize you and your needs. We don’t sacrifice the importance of your perspective and what it means that you receive personalized attention. If you need roofing services or want a free estimate, contact us today.