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In the past few weeks, whether we’ve discussed windows Canton or roofing Detroit, there has been a common theme, how to keep your home warm this winter. If after reading the recent posts you’re not quite sure where to start with improving the energy efficiency of your home, why not consider getting a professional energy audit?
In simple terms, a professional energy audit is a look at how efficiently your home is utilizing energy. Based on this audit, suggestions on how to improve your home’s current performance will be provided. An auditor will typically use information you, the homeowner provides, as well as running some basic tests and performing an inspection.
Often an audit may begin with the auditor gaining an understanding of how your home is being used. For example, how many people inhabit the home, are individuals home during the day, and how warm (or cool) is the home usually kept? Additionally, past utility bills tell a story to the energy auditor. With this basic information in hand, an auditor may perform a thermographic scan which uses infrared technology to determine where air is escaping the home and additional insulation would be a benefit. Additionally, a blower test which creates a pressure differential between the inside and the outside of the home in order to locate air leaks in the home is often incorporated.
All this information will culminate in a report relating how you can lower your utility bills and improve the efficiency of the home. Regardless of the tips provided, whether windows, roofing, or other Ann Arbor remodeling, Title Brothers can assist you in improving the efficiency of your home!