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Dark, ominous clouds can foreshadow the coming of a thunderstorm and seeing them hover over Troy can frighten some of us. But seeing massive branches of lightning tear up the dark sky can be an even more terrifying experience. You’ll never know when the unthinkable might happen; if lightning strikes your property.
As we all know from science class, lightning is a powerful electrical discharge that can cause significant damage to almost anything it strikes on the ground, your home included. Since a thunderstorm is one of the deadliest natural disasters that can occur in Michigan and can cause massive property damage, government agencies highly recommend that we adopt precautionary measures.
Lightning Strikes: Roofing Protects You
Of course, when it comes to protecting your home from lightning strikes, you should start from the part of the house that is most likely to receive the brunt of a direct lightning strike – your roof.
Using metal for your roofing in Troy MI can help mitigate the chances of lightning causing significant damage to your home by dispersing the electrical discharge. Not only are you helping protect your home from lightning, you’re also getting a durable material that can withstand storms, heat, snow, wind, and hail. And because lightning can be a sudden occurrence (and because our homes can’t possibly run for covers), it makes it all important that our roof bears some form of protection in metal roofing.
Lightning Issues: Roofing Concerns
Tittle Brothers Construction and our team of professional roofing contractors in Troy MI can help with all your roofing concerns, including lightning-related issues. We can equip your home with metal roofing to help lessen, if not thwart, serious damage from lightning strikes as well as protect your family from the threat of other severe weather conditions that occasionally visit Michigan.
Or if your chimney has been damaged by lightning strike, call us and request for repairs. Leaking or damaged chimneys can allow water to seep into your home and cause major and costly structural damage.
The phenomenon of a lightning strike can be a cause for worry, but also the damage and cost it can render to your property. Allow us to know how we can help protect your home. Contact Tittle Brothers Construction today.