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Your roof system serves as a shield that protects you and your home from the harshest weather conditions. It also plays a vital role in keeping your home comfortable and energy efficient.




This essential component, however, will sustain extensive weather damage through the years. Before your roof system compromises your quality of life, make sure that it stays in great shape. This is possible through a comprehensive roof inspection, which identifies potential issues in your roof before it worsens and allows you to deal with them immediately.


For this, you’ll need a premier Canton roofing contractor like Tittle Brothers Construction to help you. We have the necessary experience to evaluate and assess your roof’s condition.


Here are the things we look out for when we inspect your roof system.


1. Gutters—Your gutter system is another essential component that helps protect your home from water penetration. This channels rainwater away from your exterior walls and foundation, helping maintain your home’s structural integrity. Congestion, however, is your system’s primary issue. Leaves and debris can easily settle on your gutters, resulting in clogs and leaving both your home’s interior and exterior open to water damage.


Tittle Brothers Construction suggests installing an excellent gutter protection system to keep your gutters in great condition. We offer Alcoa’s Leaf Relief® gutter protection, which easily prevents congestion while also eliminating the need for periodic gutter cleaning.


2. Flashing—Your flashing is one of the most vulnerable components of your Canton roofing. When they became loose or separated from your roof due to extreme weather, expect the recurrence of leaks inside your home. We can easily fix these by resealing them with caulk. If they’re already rusted or starting to deteriorate, we’ll suggest replacements.


3. Shingles—We’ll determine if your roof system is near the end of its lifespan by checking the state of its shingles. If these are curled, buckling, or missing, you may need to replace your roof. With our selection of quality GAF roofing systems, we can prevent your home from sustaining extensive water damage. We are also a GAF Master Elite® contractor, so you can trust us for expert installation.


For your roof maintenance needs, look no further than Tittle Brothers Construction. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 for a free estimate.