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As spring and summer roll nice and easy in Michigan, people want to be able to look out their windows and delight in the sights of the sunny seasons. Yet persistent fog on older thermal pane windows – a type that seals air inside two layers of glass – can make the view outside seem unpleasant on even the best mornings. This happens because as time passes, expansion and contraction cause the seals to weaken and eventually fail, allowing water vapor to build up inside. This is also a sign that that the window’s ability to insulate the home has diminished.

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If your Detroit property’s windows are all dented and foggy, you have to solve the issue as soon as possible. Two methods are available: removing the panes and replacing them with new, factory-sealed units or call for a contractor to do window repair in Detroit MI. If repairing or replacing windows sounds like an expensive prospect, realize that it can actually give you your money back through increased curb appeal and value:

Windows shows off that the homeowner has pride of ownership, cares about the architectural integrity of the house and gives character to the home.
Installing the correct style of window on the house preserves and enhances the value of our home. A poor choice of replacement windows can mean the difference between great curb appeal and an architectural mish mash.
The right windows will improve the curb appeal of your home. Low E glass and UV protection in new windows help to reduce fading of carpet and furniture. You will experience increased comfort with less draft in winter and reduced solar heat in summer thereby reducing your energy costs. AND you can qualify for federal tax credits!

Moreover, by building or making updates with certain Energy Star products, you may quality for federal tax credits when the 2014 tax season rolls around. Opting for energy efficient materials and building practices saves you money in the long run. Ask Tittle Brothers Construction, a reliable contractor for repair and replacement windows in Detroit, about this practical option and trust them to work with you as spring and summer roll in nice and easy.
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