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The shingles are perhaps among the most important parts of an entire roofing system. Nevertheless, they still require the presence of several key components.

Roofing Contractor

As a GAF Certified Master Elite™ contractor, Tittle Brothers Construction aims to keep our valued clients informed on all the important aspects of the industry. That’s why we hope to explain all of the components of GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System. Being the leader in roofing in Detroit, MI, we know that having a GAF roof will protect you even during the worst weather conditions.

Leak Barrier
After our team assesses your roof deck and conducts the necessary repairs, we’ll put the leak barrier first. This self-adhering membrane protects the most vulnerable parts of your roof against water. Made from premium materials, this helps reduce the chances of leakage for a long time.

Roof Deck Protection
This layer of protection keeps water from any sources from infiltrating under your shingles. Other than preventing water to damage the structure of your roofing or your home’s interior, it allows the shingles to be laid flatter and uniformly.

Starter Strip Shingles
Installed at the eaves of your roof, these components make your shingles invulnerable to strong winds. Without them, your shingles could easily blow off from underneath.

Asphalt Shingles
They’re the main line of defense of your roofing system. With proper installation, GAF’s top-quality asphalt shingles will deliver superior protection to your home.

With our over 10 years of experience, you can rely on our team to masterfully lay each tile perfectly. Our excellent workmanship assures you of benefitting from this top Detroit roofing system.

Ridge Vent
The main purpose of a ridge vent is to remove the excess amount of heat and moisture from your attic, which can be damaging. It plays a crucial role in your indoor ventilation and level of comfort at home.

Ridge Cap Shingles
Lastly, this set of shingles protects all the ridges in your roofing against detrimental natural elements and prevents leakage. This is an essential part of your roofing in Detroit. After all, the entire system could easily be compromised in the absence of a quality set of ridge cap shingles.

GAF is the true leader in roofing, and Tittle Brothers Construction is their trusted partner in the Detroit metro region. For your roofing needs, call us at (877) 228-5658. We’d be more than happy to assist you.