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In our last installment, we had an in-depth discussion regarding the many features of the Pella® Architect Series® Reserve™ windows. This time around, we’ll be taking a close look at the more modern option: Pella Architect Series Contemporary Windows.



What better way to encapsulate the chic style of modern day designs than with windows that combine a distinctive flair with sheer functionality? Pella Architect Series Contemporary Windows are the perfect choice for homeowners looking to add windows with flair and functionality to their trendy home designs. Here’s why.

Great Views

With sleek designs and utterly expansive glass, your household can enjoy the scenery around your home. Better still, the smart styling and clean sightlines of Contemporary Windows offer supreme functionality.

Built For You

You deserve the windows you want exactly how you like them, and in exactly the size you need them. Resident Pella artisans can design custom glass solutions built to your exact specifications. This way, your new windows will fit seamlessly with the rest of your home. When this happens, you can expect your curb appeal to soar and even become the talk of your neighbors.

Picture Perfect Finish

Each option in the Pella Architect Series Contemporary Windows line boasts of striking, contemporary finishes. Their EnduraClad® finish also ensures that they get the protection they need to last through the seasons, all year long.

Pella has designs to suit every homeowner’s fancy. Meanwhile, Tittle Brothers Construction takes pride in providing superior workmanship to our clients. As such, we only rely on the best materials like Pella window products. We serve various areas in Michigan, including Birmingham. Since 2004, we have made entire communities better one home improvement project at a time. Call us today at (248) 587-7633 for quality replacement windows. We look forward to lending you a hand.