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Homeowners replace windows for different reasons. It can be to boost curb appeal, make the indoors more comfortable, or improve energy efficiency. Nevertheless, do you know when you need a window replacement?


Prioritizing Window Replacement
Tittle Brothers Constructions recommends that you replace your windows during any of the following situations:


• When your old windows have a single pane – This type of window offers poor energy efficiency compared with double- or triple-pane glass. This can lead to an uncomfortable indoor environment and a rise in utility bills.


• When there are broken panes – Storm damage or accidents such as objects thrown at your windows can cause this type of damage. Broken panes can be dangerous to your and your family, so it’s important that you have them replaced immediately.


• There is excessive rot in frames and sashes – Humid weather is the main cause of rot. This can lead to water damage and air leaks. If there is a large rotted frame area, you should have it replaced with options that offer more durability.


• Sashes do not open and close properly – This is usually a sign that your windows have reached the end of their service life. Install Detroit replacement windows immediately to ensure continued comfort and energy efficiency.


• There is irreparable damage – Sometimes, simple hardware replacement or caulking won’t do much for your old windows. Modern selections have advanced materials that will ensure longer years of service life.


Window Replacement Tips
When looking for new windows, make sure you choose those with at least two glass panes with low-E coating. This improves the overall energy efficiency of your windows. To battle the fluctuating temperatures of Detroit, look for windows with low U-factors and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This ensures that your home is comfortable throughout the year.


It is also important that you hire contractors who specialize in replacement or window repair in Detroit, MI. They have the knowledge and skills to install windows according to manufacturer’s instructions.


Tittle Brothers Construction is a family-owned Michigan contractor that you can trust. We have been helping homeowners for all their window needs since 2004, ensuring customer satisfaction in every project. We are proud installers of the best windows in the industry: Renewal by Andersen®, Simonton, Pella, and Polaris.


To learn more about our window replacement service, schedule a free consultation today. You can reach us through our contact form.