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Covid-19 Causes Industry Delays

Update From Greg Tittle
And Tittle Brothers Construction Job Production Team

Hello. First, I want to let you know how much all of us at Tittle Brothers have appreciated your patience during this time. We are truly grateful you have trusted us with your project and we value your business.

We want to update you on the delays we are all experiencing. We are all aware of the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19. Although the situation continues to evolve rapidly, Tittle Brothers Construction remains fully committed to pursuing the completion of our work in a safe, diligent, and reasonable manner under the current circumstances. We must recognize, however, there is a strong likelihood that we will continue to encounter certain delays because of this pandemic.

There are manufacturing delays across the entire industry that are out of everyone’s control. Many of us are experiencing labor shortages due to infection or quarantine as well as material shortages and delays because of factory shutdowns. Many local building departments have adjusted how we interact and request building permits. There are some that have closed and many that are closed to in person contact. This too has added to the challenges we face with delays. We are all doing our best to catch up safely and efficiently.

Please note, Tittle Brothers Construction is one of the larger home improvement companies in our state. Our company size, history, and relationships we have built is helping to move us to the front of the line while waiting on job materials. All our suppliers have been alerted to the items we need, and we are first to be notified as job materials become available. Have confidence that you made the right choice in dealing with our company.

We will diligently seek to minimize to the best of our ability, the effects of these delays on your project. We praise you for your patience. Your cooperation in minimizing these impacts are appreciated as we work our way through this unprecedented event.

We will continue to keep you updated the best we can. Thank you. Please keep scrolling to learn how to contact our offices if you have any further concerns.

Stay safe. And may your family be blessed.

Thank you. We truly appreciate you.

Please Keep Scrolling to Learn How to Best Inquire About Your Project

Best ways to communicate with us are the following:

  • Use the contact form provided on this page which will forward directly to our production staff
  • Use the “Have a Question” message bubble that appears at the bottom of your screen
  • Text message us directly at 734-225-2525 is another preferred way to reach out and get a direct reply from someone on our production staff
  • We are discouraging phone calls at this time to help us continue to focus on our daily tasks to get the job done. However, if you feel the need to call please have patience and we are doing our best to answer your questions.

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