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Water Stains

Water Stains on Interior Walls and Ceiling

That new brown spot on your wall isn’t a Rorschach test.

Have you noticed dark circular spots on the walls and ceiling inside your home? Those are water stains, and they’re definitely an issue. 

If water has collected enough to actually stain through your ceiling or wall, that means it’s been there for a while.

A water stain doesn’t always mean there’s a roof problem—some water stains can be caused by a leaky pipe or HVAC unit. But more often, they indicate a roof leak. If the stains grow larger or darken after a rain, your roof is likely the cause of your issue.

Water stains come from leaks involving:

  • Roof flashing, which are pieces of metal on a roof where two pieces join. If these flashings are damaged, shift, or otherwise fail, water will leak in these vulnerable places in the roof.
  • Damaged waterproofing membranes. A waterproof membrane is a layer typically made of acrylic or silicone that lies beneath the shingles. When this membrane is damaged, water can leak through and drip down into your home.
  • Leaky skylights or vents. If your home has skylights, there’s a chance your roof will leak where the roofing meets the skylight or vent material.

Whenever a roof leak happens, water will typically make its way down as far as it can go, often onto your ceiling. There, it will puddle and stain your ceiling or wall as it slowly leaks through. 

Keep in mind that leaks that don’t involve visibly dripping water are usually very small and can be quite difficult to find. The Tittle Brothers team can find any leak, no matter how tiny, and stop the leak before it gets worse.

Don’t let water destroy your home.

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