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Maintenance Tips from Experienced Roofers You Can Trust

Your roofing system system is built to protect your home and family from the weather. To ensure that your roof is able to do its job properly for many years to come, it makes good sense to maintain and care for it. The expert Birmingham roofers at Tittle Brothers Construction are pleased to offer these helpful suggestions for the proper care and maintenance of your Metro Detroit area roofing system.

  • Keep your gutters clear of debris. Leaves, pine needles, branches and other debris can clog your gutters and cause water to back up and seep under your roof deck and into your home. This is especially troublesome during the winter, when melted snow can re-freeze in exposed gutters and cause a solid barrier. Have your gutters cleaned out before heavy spring rains arrive. In the fall, clear them every week or two to keep falling leaves out. A gutter protection system that allows water to flow while deflecting leaves and debris from your gutters is a great way to keep things moving without the hassle of climbing up a ladder to “muck out” your gutters.
  • Examine your roof every spring and fall. You can’t inspect your roof from the ground. If you are able, carefully climb a ladder to give your roof a “once over” at least twice each year. Look for obvious signs of trouble such as missing shingles, holes, excessive moss growth, loose or flapping shingles, loose or hanging gutters, or missing flashing (the metal seal around pipes and chimneys). If you have a brick on masonry block chimney inspect it for cracks or loose bricks.
  • Have your roof professionally inspected every 3-5 years, or after a heavy storm. Professional Birmingham roofers or Southgate roofers like Tittle Brothers Construction are better able to judge the true condition of your roof. We’ll conduct a detailed inspection and evaluation, looking for hidden problems that are not easily seen by an untrained eye. For example, after a hailstorm your shingles and underlayment can be “bruised,” which can lead to cracking and leaks if not immediately addressed.
  • Keep your roof clean. Clear away leaves, debris and fallen branches that can damage shingles or cause holes in the roof. Brush off moss if possible. If there are tree branches that overhang your roof, trim them back to minimize the debris from falling leaves and pine needles. Pine needles in particular can be very acidic and damage roof shingles.

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