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Windows in Ann Arbor, MI, protect you from various weather conditions all year long. Over time, repairing them makes sense if you find minor issues. If you find severe issues, however, it’s time to invest in an upgrade. Tittle Brothers Construction shares the many instances that merit a replacement:

Window Replacement

  1. Widespread Rot

Deterioration is not necessarily too far gone for repair when addressed immediately. When decay has done severe damage, the reasonable thing to do is to replace it.

  1. Damaged Windows Younger than 30 Years Old

Old windows add value to your historic home. However, if your damaged windows are only 30 years old or younger beyond repair, you need to have them replaced immediately. You can still choose traditional window styles and colors that will match your historic home.

  1. Poor Daylighting

Modern windows are more efficient compared with older units due to advanced materials like low-E glass. Today’s fenestration products are capable of blocking the sun’s undesirable rays while letting visible light through.

Our company carries many trusted manufacturers of energy-saving windows in Ann Arbor, including Pella®, Polaris®, and Simonton® Windows. These brands offer exceptional efficiency features to keep your home comfortable, provide clearer outdoor views, and allow plenty of daylighting.

  1. Demanding Maintenance

Are you tired of painting or staining your old windows every few years? A window replacement is an ideal opportunity to avoid maintenance. For instance, replacing your damaged fixtures with Renewal by Andersen® windows eliminates painting and staining. The brand’s patented Fibrex® comes coated with a stunning color blend that lasts for years. Furthermore, it will not to flake, blister, rust, corrode, pit, peel, or crack after years of element exposure.

Whether you need a full-replacement or just a minor window repair in Ann Arbor, Tittle Brothers Construction is the name you can trust. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 to get your free in-home estimate.