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Windows don’t live forever, and procrastinating the necessary replacement would affect your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and even security. In Tittle Brothers Construction’s book, these are telling signs you need to retire old glass units. Here are other indicators that you need new windows:

1. You Have Major Rotten, Warped, or Broken Window Issues

Any form of damage doesn’t automatically merit replacement, but some units are not worth saving. Basic window repair services might suffice when minor faulty components are the issue, but the case is different when most of the sash and frame has seen better days. When the material itself has succumbed to decay, it’s more sensible to spend your dollars on replacement instead of repairing it all the time.

2. You Notice Interior Condensation

If your aging double-pane windows are fogging up from the inside, you need new ones. This kind of sweating indicates seal failure, insulating gas leakage, and moisture infiltration. Without the argon in between the two panes, your windows do little to reduce thermal transfer. In other words, they’re no longer effective barriers against the outdoor cold and indoor heat.

3. You Experience Unwanted Drafts

Natural ventilation is good, but not when your windows are closed. Having drafty units is like using the furnace or air conditioner while the door is partially open, wasting energy and affecting comfort. Old windows lose their weathertight seal over time as the material expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations through the years. Caulking is a quick fix when tiny gaps are in question, but replacement is the permanent solution when the air infiltration issue is serious.

4. You Need to Renovate a Historic Home

To think that modern units don’t bring value to historic homes is a misconception. In fact, today’s products can eliminate costly maintenance while replacing the look of original windows. Marvin and Pella are two of the best window brands for historic window replacement.

Tittle Brothers Construction takes pride in being certified by many of the country’s top manufacturers of replacement windows. You can rely on our strong credentials to outfit your home with better glass units, improving it in all areas for the years to come. To talk about your project in Detroit, MI, call us today at (734) 225-2525 for your free, in-home estimate.