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A professionally installed roof is a complete system with different Birmingham roofing parts that work hand-in-hand to provide complete protection from the elements. Understanding your roof’s components can help you make an informed decision for your next home improvement project. Tittle Brothers Constriction explains each part in detail:

Professionally Installed Roof

1. Roof support –No matter what the roof shape is, it will need a support structure that can hold the weight of all materials placed on it. Most support systems come in timber or metal.

2. Insulation – Experts like us install insulation under the roof deck. This component can lead to more energy savings by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout your home.

3. Roof deck – Also known as the sheathing, the roof deck serves as the core surface. Common decking materials include plywood, OSB sheets, reinforced concrete, or even metal.

4. Underlayment – This waterproof sheet of protective material acts as a barrier in case water penetrates the outer roofing material. Some materials also allow the roof deck to breathe by releasing moisture from the attic instead of trapping it under.

5. Drip edge – The actual drip edge design varies depending on the roof system. This prevents rainwater from dripping into the roof eaves.

6. Starter shingles – Asphalt shingle roofing in Birmingham requires a specialized first row of shingles installed on the edges, overlapping the roof. This component prevents shingle blow-offs during extreme weather conditions. Refined systems like those from GAF use a one-piece starter shingle that comes in rolls.

7. Outer layer – This main roof area is where we install your shingles. This also includes flashing for roofing protrusions like chimneys.

8. Finishing shingles – Ridge caps are one of the most common finishing shingles that roofers use. They make the roof look professionally finished, ensuring a clean look. Some manufacturers offer specially designed ridge caps that double as ventilation for the roof.

When you work with Tittle Brothers Construction, you can be sure that we cover all areas of your roof. As a GAF Master Elite™ roofer, we know how to handle repairs and replacement to ensure long-lasting roofing.

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