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With summer in full swing in Detroit, the heat has definitely picked up a notch. And with this heat, most homeowners will probably rely on their air conditioning systems to cool their homes down. This, however, will lead to higher energy consumption and consequently, to higher energy bills—but not if your home is energy-efficient.




Yes, making your home energy-efficient can help keep you cool this summer and reduce your home’s energy consumption along the way. Your Detroit roofing or siding, for instance, can significantly play a part in insulating your home by blocking the sun’s heat, therefore keeping your home’s interior at comfortable temperatures.


There are many other ways to make your home energy-efficient. You just have to make sure that these ways are true, as some practices are simply myths and won’t help reduce your energy bills at all.  Here are 5 of the most common summer energy efficiency myths you should be aware of:


Leaving ceiling fans on to keep rooms cooler is a waste of energy. Fans just help circulate the air and do not, in any way, change the temperature inside a room.


Lowering your thermostat to cool your home faster is another common myth. It actually won’t help cool your house faster because most thermostats work by directing the HVAC to reach a certain temperature and shut down once it hits its target. It will only switch on when it senses a change in the temperature, therefore maintaining the temperature that you’ve set earlier.


Shutting down the central air conditioning when you go out will of course save you some energy. The problem is: when you get back to your house, you would then have to cool the entire house again, which of course will take time and will require a lot of energy.


Closing air vents in unused rooms to save energy doesn’t work at all. These vents are part of your central air systems and just deliver air into a particular room. Closing the vent will add strain to the system and could lead to accelerated wear and tear, which will lead to additional repair costs.


The only way to beat the summer heat is with your air conditioning—not true. There are numerous other ways to keep yourself cool during summer, like insulating your home through quality siding and roofing in Detroit, MI, which you can avail of through companies like Tittle Brothers Construction.


We offer both high-quality roofing and siding as well as dozens of products and services that can help enhance your home’s energy efficiency. For more about our products and services, give us a call at (313) 382-6186.