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Smoke from a burning structure is dangerous to the people and the buildings close by. It can affect one’s respiratory system; the worst case would be to die of suffocation. After the fire is put out, there are still problems like soot to deal with. Though its effects on nearby homes and buildings are much less dangerous, it is an annoyance that is difficult to get rid of, especially when it affects a business establishment; after all, you can’t put up that “open” sign if your store is a complete mess. An example of which was reported by myfoxdetroit.com:

DETROIT (WJBK) – Miles Nelson walked into his barber shop and beauty salon at noon on Monday to find a smokey, sooty mess – and he didn’t even have a fire.
But the Motown Coney Island next door at Woodward and Milwaukee did.
The owner says it happened while the restaurant was closed. They discovered the mess early Monday morning and are now closed indefinitely. The fire department turned off the water because of a pipe that burst, and that’s where it gets complicated for Miles Nelson whose water is connected to the business next door.

If your establishment’s windows aren’t fitted properly or have cracks and holes, then smoke and soot can easily get inside and your space will experience damage similar to the shop from the article. Thus, you should consider getting Detroit replacement windows in order to protect your assets.
Having tight fitting panes and airtight frames would stop unwanted drafts from entering, thereby protecting your walls and equipment from the mentioned “smokey, sooty mess”. We at Tittle Brothers Construction can also offer you window repair in Detroit, MI for improved performance. We will measure the dimensions you need precisely; no “off the shelf” or “one size fits all” shortcuts!
(Article Excerpt from Man’s business faces setbacks after fire next door, My Fox Detroit, June 4, 2014)