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The relatively hot and humid weather we’ve had in Detroit is about to go away for the time being. A cold front is going to give more comfortable temperatures throughout Michigan. Aside from the cooler temperatures, our air conditioners are going to be taking a break for quite a while. According to this report on www.mlive.com:

A strong cold front will move through tonight and drop temperatures over 20 degrees in most places.
So you won’t need to leave the air conditioner on when you leave for work tomorrow. Actually, you won’t need to run the air conditioner anymore this week.
Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Saginaw, Bay City, Flint, and Ann Arbor will feel temperatures drop 22 degrees between 8 p.m. tonight and 8 a.m. Wednesday July 23, 2014. Jackson will drop 21 degrees overnight. Detroit will have a nice 15 degree temperature drop overnight, but still remain a little warm by morning.

While the air conditioning is taking its much awaited break and while you’re relaxing from the lower electric bills because of the cool weather, you may want to check your windows out.
The windows are the primary temperature regulators of your home. Perhaps the reason your interiors are warmer is because your windows were leaking out cool air and letting in too much heat from the outside. Thus, your air conditioning unit works harder and drives electric bills up.
We suggest making your existing windows energy-efficient now, before the temperature starts to rise. Here are a few steps how:

  1. Clean the glass and panes
  2. Locate gaps and cracks around your windows
  3. Seal those crevices. Make sure you’ve covered them entirely.
  4. Put curtains, which will help the keep the heat out
  5. You can get ultraviolet or reflective window films if overheating becomes too much of a problem.

If you need help with those windows, you can contact contractors like Tittle Brothers Construction for your needs of window repair in Detroit MI. Immediately taking care of these concerns are definitely going to save your more in the long run.
In cases of major damage and your windows are still driving your electric bills up, don’t you worry because Tittle Brothers Construction can also provide Detroit replacement windows that will certainly help to make your home more energy-efficient with durable and well insulated frames.
(Article Excerpt from Big temperature drop in next 12 hours on the way for all of Michigan, www.mlive.com, July 22, 2014)