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Getting a roof replacement is serious business. You can’t just choose any kind of roofing. The same goes for hiring a roof contractor. Don’t settle for just any contractor. It always helps to take a step back and do your research. You only replace your roof at least once in a lifetime, unless storm damage takes its toll on your roof.


Roof Replacement


With that in mind, you should make your roof investment worth your money by hiring the right people. Detroit roofing expert Tittle Brothers Construction discusses four essential questions to ask your prospective roofer:


How Long Have You Been Working in the Roofing Industry?


A reliable roofing contractor should be experienced. In the roofing industry, experience matters. Hire a company that has a good reputation in the region. Visit their office or check their website. You will find useful information that can help you make the right decision. Don’t hire the first contractor that you talked to. Be patient when choosing a contractor. Otherwise, you might end up hiring the wrong company.


Do You Have the Necessary Paperwork?


Check if your prospective roofing company has a license, insurance, and other essential documents. Not all cities and states in the United States require license. Nonetheless, for those areas that do, make sure they have a license. It’s also important to check the company’s registered business address and phone number. Hiring the right contractor ensures the success of your replacement roofing in Detroit.


Which Roofing Brands and Products do You offer?


Another mark of a good contractor is that they are partners with top brands and manufacturers. At Tittle Brothers Construction, we get roofing products from one of the leading brands, GAF Corporation. GAF offers top-of-the-line asphalt shingles that provide protection to homes. In addition, GAF roofs are available in various colors and styles, allowing them to match different architectural designs.


What Roofing Services do You Provide?


A good contractor knows the ins and outs of roof work. Therefore, the roofing company should offer comprehensive services, which is exactly what we do. We do more than just replace roofing in Detroit, MI. We also do repair work and maintenance. We help homeowners make the right decision – whether they need a repair or a replacement.


Ask your roof contractor these things before deciding to hire them. Tittle Brothers Construction is the go-to company for quality home improvement services in Michigan and surrounding areas. We work on window replacements, sunrooms, decks, patios, porches, and more.


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