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Moisture-related damage is one of the most common problems that plague old windows. Undetected gaps or cracks in your old windows can allow water and humidity to accumulate inside your home. This can cause several problems like water damage, mold growth and rot. When not addressed promptly, these issues can result in costly repairs, health risks and reduced comfort.

Are your windows in bad shape? Are they allowing water to leak into your home? As professionals who can help you with window repair in Detroit MI, Tittle Brothers Construction can take a look at your current windows and provide recommendations on what course of action you should take to reduce risks and maintain comfort. We will help you stop water leakage and accompanying problems by installing high-quality replacement windows.

We offer a wide selection of replacement windows that are energy-efficient, durable, simple to operate and easy to maintain. We install quality windows from top manufacturers including Renewal by Andersen®, Polaris Windows, Simonton Windows® and Pella Windows. These windows are specially designed for dependability and quality. They prevent excessive humidity from damaging your walls and causing ugly paint blisters or bubbles.

With replacement windows that are professionally installed by our team, you can rest assured that you won’t have to worry about water leaking in and causing damage to your walls, mold growth or the other problems associated with water leakage around windows.

Water leaking into your home through old and damaged windows can cause a lot of costly problems. For superior weather protection and insulation, make sure to have them replaced with top-quality windows in Detroit. Tittle Brothers Construction will ensure that your home stays safe, comfortable and energy-efficient. For more information on windows or our other services, feel free to give us a call today.