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Zero Energy Ready Homes are part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Buildings initiative. These high performance homes are so energy-efficient, that a renewable energy system can offset all or most of their yearly energy consumption.

Zero energy home

Tittle Brothers Construction, the top provider of quality windows in Ann Arbor, explains the makings and benefits of owning a zero energy ready home.


Qualification for the Program
The Zero Energy Ready Home program represents a new level of home performance, with strict requirements that ensure exceptional levels of energy savings, health, comfort, and durability.


To qualify for the program, your home must:


• Be certified under the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Version 3 program

• Meet the IECC 2015 insulation requirements

• Have a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index below the Zero Energy Ready Home Program Target Index

• Have all duct systems located within the air and thermal barrier boundary of the home

• Have an effective hot-water delivery system


Benefits of owning a Zero Energy Ready Home
When you own a zero energy ready home, you enjoy three basic benefits. Your home will:


Work Better
These homes begin with solid building science specified by ENERGY STAR®, combined with advanced technologies and practices from the DOE research program. With our range of products, you can ensure that your home meets these specifications. We install roofing, siding, and windows that work together to reduce your energy costs for years to come.


Live Better
A zero energy ready home promotes a healthy and comfy setting. It does this by minimizing harmful pollutants and allowing for endless fresh air. With superior insulation from our James Hardie® siding, and ventilation from our Pella® windows, you can enjoy a better quality of life in your home. We are also the trusted experts in window repair in Ann Arbor and its surrounding areas.


Last Better
The materials used in constructing a zero energy ready home are of the highest quality and able to stand the test of time. These means that the advanced levels of energy savings, comfort, health, and durability that you enjoy from these homes will last all year round.


Are you ready for a home that works, lives, and lasts better? A better home for the future is just one call away. Call Tittle Brothers Construction toll-free at (877) 228-5658 today for a FREE in-home estimate on your Zero Energy Ready Home projects.