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We hear the devastating effects of the so-called global warming and climate change in the news every day – from the record-breaking Super Typhoon Haiyan in Asia, to the droughts Southern Europe is now experiencing. While some may cast doubts on the science behind this weather phenomena, we cannot deny that we are the feeling the effects of the harsh weather, the kind that we least expect and never experienced by mankind before.

As your trusted Ann Arbor roofing company, we deem it our responsibility to listed down the top five alleged causes of global warming – for your information:

1.    Deforestation of the rainforests
We know for a fact that plants produce oxygen and we need this for breathing. But oxygen does more than that; it actually helps in capturing much of the harmful carbon from the atmosphere. But because of the relentless destruction of our forests all over the world, more and more carbon is left unchecked and this has significantly contributed to the rising temperature of the planet. We should be planting more trees, and conversely cutting less.
2.    Farm animals releasing toxic methane gases
With our continuously growing population, more and more farms are tilled. This means more methane gasses are released to our atmosphere, which has resulted to hotter temperatures as methane traps heat close to the earth. We ask: is population control a solution?
3.    Fossil fuel power plants
This is probably the biggest cause of global warming. Power plants that supply energy to every household and businesses are responsible for releasing the most carbon dioxide amounts into the atmosphere, which hugely contributes to rising global temperatures. We should seriously practice energy conservation.
4.    Vehicles
Automobiles also burn fossil fuels, producing polluted gas, which very much contributes to global warming. Too many cars on the street would simply result in higher carbon emissions. We should go for transportation alternatives such as electric cars and even bicycles.
5.    Processes of recovering fossil fuels
Mining fossil fuels also releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, which also contributes to the rising temperatures.


Knowing the suspected culprits and effects of global warming will help some to drive us to do our part in alleviating the destructive consequences. As mentioned above, one of the biggest causes of global warming is the carbon emission from power plants and conserving energy at home is probably the best way to show our support for environmental movements around the world.


Regardless of whether we are into environmental conservation or into budgetary constraints, the use of energy-efficient roofing materials is definitely a step in the right direction. As your most knowledgeable company for roofing in Ann Arbor, you can ask us about energy-efficient roof options. Let us discuss the solutions and how we can make your home a better place to live.