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You grab the remote and turn on the television to watch some weather news. But to your surprise, you have no idea what the weatherman is talking about. Is Alberta Clipper a fish? Is Bermuda High a nice mountain park? Stop right there. Here are four weather words explained by your Troy roofing experts.
Alberta Clipper
This rapid-moving low-pressure system originates from Alberta, Canada. The term is usually used to describe a specific winter storm that brings small amounts of snow due to lack of moisture and fast speed. The storm can rapidly intensify and sometimes spread dense snow over several areas in the northern US and southeastern Canada.
This condition often occurs in December and January but considerably gives off a smaller amount during October and March. Once the Alberta Clipper forms eastern of the Rockies, it’ll move southeastward all the way into Minnesota and Dakota. These two variations are called Saskatchewan Screamers or Manitoba Maulers.
Bermuda High
This is a high-pressure area commonly centered in Bermuda’s vicinity during summer and spring. Its clockwise circulation brings in humid and hot wind into the east. Its name depends on the season.
In winter and early spring, it is found near the Azores in the eastern part of North Atlantic while it centers in the western North Atlantic whenever it moves westward in summer and fall. This semi-permanent high pressure can lead to steering tropical cyclones towards the western and northeastern part.

El Niño
It is characterized as a large-scale ocean atmospheric climate related to the unusual warm temperature in the sea surface of the Pacific Ocean. This complex weather pattern is the opposite of La Niña and means “The Little Boy” or “Christ Child” in Spanish.
La Niña
“El Viejo”, “anti-El Niño”, or “The Little Girl” in Spanish, La Niña is basically a cold weather phenomenon characterized by periods of below-average sea surface temperatures. Globally speaking, La Niña influences those areas that El Niño does not hit.
We hope we were able to satisfy your hunger for weather terms. These extreme weather conditions are inevitable but what you can do is to prepare before they strike.
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