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Get A New Roof For Your Plymouth, Michigan Home

Get a new roof for your Plymouth Michigan home. Roofs usually last for 20 years, and some, such as New Owens Corning Asphalt Shingle Roof, last even longer. However, several factors, such as low maintenance, bad weather conditions, application, material, and design, can shorten its lifespan. Since a roof is a vulnerable part of your house, you need to make sure to choose the right quality roof for your home.

Tittle Brothers is your one-stop destination for professional roof repair and replacement service. Additionally, we are a Certified Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor in Plymouth, Michigan.  We will provide you with the best roofing solution. Tittle Brothers is a roofing installation and repairing company, and we are here in the industry for more than twenty years.

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We have a team of professional roofing experts who bring their expertise to the table. Also, our team members do great work. In particular, we offer exceptional customer service. These are reasons why we have become the best roofing expert in Plymouth, Michigan. So, tell us about your roofing requirements and call us at (734) 225-2525 to get a free, in-house estimate.

✓  Tittle Brothers is a twenty year old company. Also, we go through annual training on roofing material and installation.

✓  Tittle Brothers offers guarantee workmanship.

✓  Furthermore, we provide you with exceptional customer service.

✓  Also, we offer the best Owens Corning roofing warranty.

So, if you have any questions in mind, feel free to call us at (734) 225-2525, and we will be more than happy to answer them.

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 Benefits of Hiring Tittle Brothers for Roofing Solution In Plymouth, Michigan


Our Service Comes With A Warranty

The roof is a considerable investment, and we understand that. We want our customers to trust us with our service, and this is the reason why we offer a workmanship guarantee and Owen Corning roofing warranty. You can rely on us.


Guaranteed Quality Materials

Being in the industry for so long, we know in and out about different roofing materials. For example, this is why we choose to offer New Asphalt Shingle Installation. Owen Corning is a renowned roofing material manufacturer in North America.


Cost-Effective and Fast Turnaround

Roofing job requires time and effort. We have the right gears, tools, and equipment, which allow us to work fast without compromising on quality. Roofing work can be pretty daunting, and this is the reason why you should always rely on an expert. Lastly, The service that we provide is always affordable. We will provide you with a free written estimate of your project.


Experienced Team

Tittle Brothers’ backbone is its experienced and professional team that works hard to resolve every roofing issue. As such, our team will assess your roof, try and understand your requirements, and accordingly offer you the best solution.

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Contact Tittle Brothers

Tittle Brothers are right here at your service with our professional roof repair and replacement service. You can rely on us for impeccable service. Throughout our over twenty years of experience, we have helped Plymouth homeowners with their roofing requirements and needs. Don’t wait, call us at (734) 225-2525, and we will be right there for your assistance.